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In today’s business world, digital marketing agencies face a lot of challenges. The competition is high and clients often complain about not seeing enough results for the money they are paying.

As a social media consultant or a digital marketing agency, it is especially hard to showcase your efforts to brick-and-mortar business owners, because what they want to see is not just a Facebook campaign report but also that extra sale – the return on their investment.

The trouble is that calculating actual ROI on website traffic or social media engagement is difficult because it’s hard to track which online click leads to which offline purchase.

Most of these ‘offline’ businesses - restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, public areas, airports, retail stores, movie theatres, etc. – often need to hire social media consultants or marketing agencies to manage their social media presence and other digital marketing efforts. They also don’t have efficient tools to track and analyze online-to-offline conversions.

There is a perfect solution: using a WiFi marketing platform to track these conversions.

A WiFi marketing platform is a software technology that works with WiFi hardware that enables businesses to see the connection between online and offline customer actions and tie them together.

When a customer connects with your client’s local network, they are asked to log in via their email or social media account. The valuable data captured from these logins are stored in the WiFi marketing platform database until later analysis and marketing automation.

But you may ask why you should bother to add another tracking and measurement system to your services, right? These are the top reasons why:


1. You will add tremendous value to your service portfolio

For a digital marketing agency or a consultant, it’s difficult to differentiate from competition in the booming industry. In order to acquire clients, you need to be able to offer something that others don't: a unique value proposition or a strategic differentiator to stand out from the competition.

Your own white-label WiFi marketing platform is that differentiating factor from the competition that will give you extra credibility and may actually become the decision-maker for your potential clients. By implementing a WiFi marketing platform, you will acquire an effective measurement tool and add extra value to your service offering.


2. It’s remarkably easy to set up

If you are completely new to WiFi marketing and feeling slightly intimidated by the prospect of setting up and managing a whole new platform, fear not. Our plug-and-play system ensures you will launch your own service instantly. Everything has been pre-configured for out-of-the-box easy setup and can be managed remotely. You could practically launch your WiFi marketing service TODAY!


3. You can provide measurable ROI

Most social media consultants and digital marketing agencies focus heavily on the… well, the digital side of the business. But when a client wants a sale at his coffee-shop, he may not quite understand how a Facebook ad can contribute to this goal. Business owners want to see results in $$$. Otherwise, what are they paying for? Providing statistical evidence for effectiveness of campaigns can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools and the knowledge of how different platforms can be utilized together.

When it comes to brick-and-mortar clients, your competitors may be struggling to show the clear returns on investments in their digital marketing services and social ads; but you don’t have to. With Social Powered WiFi, you can present the clear connection between online and offline customer actions, and provide measurable ROI to business owners instantly.


5. You will build trust instantly by showcasing results.

Any good business relationship is built on trust and getting clients to trust you to handle their online presence can be difficult. However, the quickest way to build trust is by delivering results. Most marketing agencies do this by either showing clients the successful campaigns they’ve previously built or by showing their own strong social media presence.

Social Powered WiFi allows you to offer measurable results instantly, provide real-time analytics and track the effectiveness of campaigns to prove how you are helping each day.


6. You will always pick the right tools for the job

It’s not only important to understand various platforms separately, but how to utilize them together to ensure you meet your clients’ objectives.

With Social Powered WiFi in place, you will be able to use the hundreds of cross-platform integrations and smart automated triggers that will streamline your marketing efforts.

With such automation, you can set up relevant and consistent communication outreach that will stimulate customers to convert.

You will always be able to see the big picture of your client’s marketing strategy.


7. Spread your wings with more creative marketing campaigns

For every marketing agency, a dream project is the one that allows being creative.

However, sometimes there is a problem of tracking and measuring creative marketing campaigns that use integrated channels of communication. Launching social ads and setting up landing pages are essential, but knowing whether they convert customers to offline purchases is much more important. That’s why most agencies and consultants go in the direction of already tried and tested ideas. This does not have to be you. When you have the right tools, creative ideas come easy. You could implement more complex, integrated communications campaigns, bringing online and offline channels together.


8. You are creating extra revenue streams

Your client, enjoying the Social Powered WiFi at their location, will be paying a monthly service fee for using the service you are offering. This is a new stream of sustainable and recurring revenue that you don’t have to think about from the moment you close the sale with the customer and set up the platform for them.

In conclusion, our WiFi marketing platform works like ‘an offline remarketing pixel’ that tracks the customer’s activity every time they log in to the WiFi network at your client’s physical location.

Imagine, your client’s customer sees a Google ad which prompts her to visit your client’s coffee shop.

While enjoying her cup of latte, she connects to the WiFi network and there you have it – her email address! The system identifies that this customer was brought by the ad.

The activity triggers the launch of an email campaign that will send her monthly promotions.

Every time she comes to the shop and connects to the WiFi network, you send her a welcome text to her phone with another special offer.

It all works together. This can become your client’s repeat purchase strategy.

And you can set it up in a few clicks. Awesome, right?

By implementing Social Powered WiFi, you will create unique value additions to your service portfolio, build trust with clients, gain credibility and competitive advantage on the market, offer more sophisticated tracking and measurement systems, generate extra revenue streams and plan creative marketing campaigns with the right tools in place.


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